Pre-Meeting #1

Appendix D – Community Advisory Committee – Potential Committee Members and Example Invitation Letters

Potential Community Advisory Committee Members (MS Word format)
Example Community Leader Invitation Letter (MS Word format)

Appendix E – Powerpoint – Overview of CHNA Process

Powerpoint – Overview of CHNA Process – (MS Powerpoint format)
Handouts 2 per page – Powerpoint – Overview of CHNA Process (Adobe Acrobat format)

Appendix F – Example Medical Service Area

Example Map of Hospital Medical Service Area (MS Word format)

Appendix G – Example Overview of Hospital Services/Community Benefits

Example of Hospital Services/Community Benefits – (Adobe Acrobat format)

Appendix H – Powerpoint – Typical Impact of Rural Hospital on Local Economy

Powerpoint – Typical Impact of Rural Hospital on Local Economy – (MS Powerpoint format)
Handout 2 per page – Typical Impact of RuralHospital on Local Economy– (Adobe Acrobat format)

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